Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Further Explanation... Since Apparently It's Needed

My previous post has absolutely NOTHING to do with disabled veterans. It had nothing to do with anything other than the obnoxious former military SOs who blow up support pages with nonsense. In no way did I mean to offend anyone who is the spouse of a disabled veteran.
I ran what I said by my husband and he agrees with what I said. Coming from an active duty soldier, I assumed that it was safe to post. Apparently I was mistaken, but it will not be removed.
I don't understand how people leaped to those conclusions, but if that's how people read my blog then so be it. That post was about wives, not about their husbands. It was about the women who leave their husbands/fiances/boyfriends but remain on support pages for military SOs. This has nothing to do with wounded soldiers or their families. I support the military more than many people know. When someone accused me of not supporting the military, I was extremely upset. I am so proud of my husband and I'm proud to call myself an Army wife. If you see me otherwise, please feel free to remove yourself from the page. After all, this blog is My Life as an Army Wife. If you don't see me as that, you're purely wasting your time.
Thank you again to my supporters.
God Bless ♥ Vi.

Once a Wife, Always a Wife?

I'm a member of a lot of military support pages on Facebook. I'm not as involved in them now as I used to be. I've noticed a few things though. There are a lot of people on these pages who are no longer military-involved. Not all of the pages are just for military "spouses," but for girlfriends, boyfriends, fiancees too. I have absolutely no problem with this. I absolutely loved these pages when my husband first got involved in the military because I had no clue what I was doing. I was a girlfriend then. Women welcomed me with open arms into their groups and answered any questions I had. That's what inspired this page.
Now, I've started to notice a lot of people saying that they aren't with their significant other anymore, but they still want to stay on the page because they like the people. I have an easy solution to this. Make a page for exes? Just kidding, that would be crude. Add their personal pages. Just because you aren't a military SO anymore doesn't mean you can't be friends with people who are. I think it does mean that you probably shouldn't be on a military wife page though. Some of the groups I'm in are called "Always Faithful Military Love" or "Army Wife Network" and "Military Issued Love." The ones that really kill me are the girls who post on the faithful page about "I cheated on my husband and I don't know how to tell him... He's deployed and I don't want him to worry," or "I think a guy other than my husband is really hot. What do I do?" What do you do? You leave the page because you're not being faithful.
On the other pages, I see girls all the time saying, "My SO and I broke up six months ago, and I'm with a new guy now. We're so happy, but he's not military." Leave the page. If you're an administrator on a military support group when your SO gets out of the military, pass on the power. I'm not saying you need to delete the page. I'm saying you don't need to run it anymore. Find someone who is involved still, who can relate to current issues. I don't care if you live in the military town still, or if your best friend is still involved. If you aren't a military spouse anymore, you shouldn't be running a military spouse page.
If you're on the Army Wife Network, you need to be an Army wife. My exception to this? Retired. If your SO (and you by association) dedicated 10+ years of your lives to the military, please don't leave. These are the people new girls really need to hear from. These women have so much experience to share, it's amazing. They're modern day super heroes. If your husband gets out of the military after 3-5 years, you're not an Army wife anymore. Sorry, but it's the cold and hard truth. Especially if you're acknowledging the fact, saying how glad you are to be out of the military life, get off the support pages. Go join a "Doctor's Wife" page or a "Trucker's Wife" page. I'm sure they're out there.
I am not talking about THIS page. This isn't a group specifically for military SOs, it's for everyone. It's for civilians, military, retired, everyone. My mission is simply to give anyone who is interested in the life of a military spouse. If you're not a military SO, please don't leave. I still love you!

I know that this post is probably going to stir up a bunch of crap, so here's what I don't want to hear:

  • "I'll always be an Army wife. I don't care what you say. I was for xx years, I will always be.
    • That's exactly what this post is about! In my opinion, you're not! You don't belong on groups for military spouses. Afterall, your husband isn't a soldier anymore, is he? 
  • "I feel like you're talking about me. Way to say it to my face.
    • I'm not. So, hush. This post is about no specific person, just about a trend that I've noticed. If you're a former military spouse (not for more than 10 years), check yourself. 
  • "I'm on the pages because my (xx relative) was in the military so I know all about it.
    • Awesome for them! Are you married to your relative? If you are, we have bigger issues. 
  • "You're just jealous because they know more than you.
    • If that's what you have to tell yourself... Sure. I know that I'm new to this life. I've got over a year under my belt, almost two actually. Yes, that is nothing compared to some of these wives. I still know my share though. If you don't like what you're reading, stop. 
That's the end of my rant for now. I'm sure that I'll still get an inbox full of complaints, but it's okay. I do challenge my readers to comment publicly though. If you don't have a Blogger account, make one. They don't spam you and you can subscribe to this blog so when you log into Blogger it will show up in the Reading List. Anyone with a Blogger account can comment on these posts and you do not have to have a Google email address. Any email address will work. So, comment away. Tell me your opinions. I'm sure I'm not entirely alone in this opinion. 
God Bless ♥ Vi

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Culture Shock, Again

I've been living in Georgia for about 8 months now. I figured that I would have some culture shock when I got down here permanently. My visits weren't ever long enough to fully soak in what the culture was like down here. I knew it was warmer and people drank tons of sweet tea and ate peaches. I was happy and ready for the move.
I adjusted to the rest of the little changes pretty quickly. The heat never really got to me, but I love the warm weather. Everything came at me pretty slowly until yesterday. This seems completely stupid, I'm sure... In the south, nobody knows what a paczki is. Let me explain for those of you who just pronounced that "pac-z-ki." A paczki (poon-ch-kee) is a wonderful, high calorie, super rich filled donut. We eat them on Fat Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday) as a last shabang before lent.
I seriously had a hard time dealing with the fact that nobody down here knows what they are, let alone sells them. I know it was hormones that caused me to freak out so much, but I actually cried when I found someone from Canada who knew what I was talking about.
Another thing that really surprised me about down here is that they have no Steak n' Shake's down here. There's one almost 2 hours away, but that's quite a drive for french fries. I've been craving them like crazy ever since we went home for Christmas, but I can't ask my husband to drive 2 hours for fries. I would feel ridiculous. Well, yesterday I found out that there's a Steak 'n Shake coming to the town my college is in. I cried. The guy who told me thought I was straight out of the loony bin, but I don't care. I was so happy.
I never realized how many little things we take for granted. I knew that I'd miss some little things from home, but there's a lot more than I expected. I miss shopping at Kohl's, and Target (there's one about an hour from us, but it sucks to drive over there just for that).
My advice? When you're looking into PCSing, check out the local amenities. If there's a restaurant that you can't live without, make sure that there is one around where you're looking into. When we start looking at PCSing, I'm making sure there's a Steak n' Shake, Kohl's, Target, and just a mall in general.
Culture shock really does take a while to set in. I really thought I was done with it all since I've been here for over half a year, but now I know better. Until I've been here for a full year and experienced all the holidays and weather, I'm not adjusted yet. Life can always throw a curve ball your way.
God Bless ♥ Vi

Monday, February 20, 2012

Balancing Life

Mia did wonderful with her therapy dog stuff yesterday. She's still a bit high strung, but she's a puppy so I have to cut her some slack. We had a lot of fun visiting the residents at the nursing homes. She loves the attention. I didn't do hardly any homework last night, so I was pretty behind this morning. I somehow managed to get everything done before it needed to be. Sometimes, I wonder how I do it!
I decided to skip my last class today, but I definitely don't regret it. Even though the teacher decided to assign something to turn in during class (apparently a lot of people skipped today...), I got so much more done at home. It was definitely worth it. Hubby and I got a lot of random cleaning done, like flipping the couch and moving Mia's kennel to a better location. I cleaned my kitchen and made a pretty good dinner. Okay, it was just pancakes and sausage, but it was still yummy! I also got two units of my math class done. I can't believe we're already 5 weeks into the semester. Spring break is in two or three weeks and I can't wait!
I'm officially 16 weeks pregnant now. Baby is growing and doing well. I used my doppler yesterday and the heartbeat was around 170. I was pretty surprised since it's been between 140 and 160 most of the time. Either way, I feel pretty good. I'm starting to try to drink more milk. I absolutely hate milk, like more than any food you could imagine. There's just something about the taste that I can't stand. Anyway, I've been trying to mix milk into my smoothies or breakfast shakes. I do feel a little better now that I'm starting to drink more. I'm also starting to cook more with it. I'm trying so hard to be healthy for this baby!

For the past week, I've had a pretty hard time balancing the life of a wife and the life of a student. School has been pretty up and down for a bit. Sometimes I have tons of homework, but other times I don't have hardly any. It's hard for me to spend equal amounts of time and energy cleaning and cooking along with school. I'm not too proud to say that my house has slightly resembled a disaster zone all weekend. It's finally looking quite a bit better. I'm still loving my crazy busy life.
God Bless ♥ Vi

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wonderful Four Day Weekends

This four day weekend has been fantastic so far! Thursday night, Hubby and I went out to dinner at Olive Garden. This was my Valentine's dinner since Hubby had to work on the 15th, we didn't want to be out late. Dinner was wonderful, it's always nice to go out just the two of us.
Friday we went back into Savannah and I got a new car! It's a 2010 Ford Focus SES. It's fully loaded with heated leather seats, sun roof, power windows and locks (FINALLY!), and SYNC. I'm loving it already! I'm no longer afraid for my life when I drive over 25mph. It's a great feeling. For those of you who don't know me personally, I was driving a 1995 Ford Escort with no power windows/locks, and the AC only worked half the time. It was a great car, but it definitely needed replaced. I have to keep safety in mind for the baby and myself. This car should definitely do me well!
Yesterday we helped some friends of ours with some new furniture they got. It was a very productive day and I really enjoyed myself. We hung out and watched some movies and whatnot. I love spending time with friends.
Today Mia and I are starting our therapy dog work again. It's been quite a few months since she's been out for visits, so it should be interesting to see how this day goes. I'm really excited to start working with her again. She's been acting out a bit lately, digging and just not listening like she knows she should. I think that she needs to be productive again. This evening I'll be catching up on the rest of my homework from the weekend since I haven't really done much of anything school wise this weekend. Since Hubby doesn't have to work tomorrow, I'm considering skipping my last class. I am really trying not to get into a bad habit of skipping this class but I'd rather spend time with Hubby. We'll see how it goes. I'll post later about how Mia does with our visits today.
God Bless ♥ Vi

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Boredom of Staff Duty

Staff Duty (n); a 24-hour shift that causes large amounts of boredom for wives. 

Yes, husband is on staff duty. I'm bored and unmotivated to do basically anything. Yesterday was a pretty long day. Nothing went wrong, it was just a long day. We got up early to meet with a Realtor about a house. We hung out with some friends for a while, showed them the house we looked at, went to an open house, and then went back to their house for a movie and pizza. It was a good day, but thoroughly exhausting.
Hubby left at eight this morning and I won't see him until tomorrow after class. I'm considering skipping my last class of the day, but I've already skipped it a few times this semester and it's only week four, or five. I don't quite remember. Anyway... I'm trying to compile a list of things to do while Hubby is gone that keep me entertained. Sadly, I've exhausted a few of these options already so that limits what I do the rest of my day.

  1. Clean. It's not always fun, but it's easier to get done with one less person in the house. Plus, hubby will like coming home to a clean house. 
  2. Shop. Just don't spend too much! Go grocery shopping or whatever other shopping needs done so you don't have to be away later in the week when he's actually home. 
  3. Catch up on Sleep. We all know they like to hog the bed/covers/pillows. Take a nice nap or go to bed early! Even though it's strange to sleep without him, it's only for one night. 
  4. Homework. I know this doesn't apply to everyone, but those of you who it does... Get as much done as you can for the week so you don't get behind later. Every little bit helps!
  5. Catch up on Your Shows. We've all got television shows that we've missed an episode or two of. Why not look them up online or on Netflix and catch up?
  6. Redecorate. You don't have to do anything drastic. Move some furniture, change up the pictures, paint the bathroom... Get creative!
  7. Laundry. Men in the military go through more clothes than teenage girls. Now is a fantastic time to get it all washed and folded since he's not changing three times today. 
  8. Pamper Yourself. Go get your nails/toes/hair done. Surprise hubby with a new hair-do or color when he comes home. 
  9. Call an Old Friend. The military takes us away from our friends sometimes. Get back in touch with someone you haven't talked to in a while. 
  10. Go out. Hang out with some friends you haven't seen recently. Even if their husbands are home, you can always stop by and say hello. 
  11. Work out. Think skinny! Go to the gym on post or even just go for a walk around the neighborhood. It's good for you, and it might make you sleep better without him. 
  12. Try a New Recipe. That way, he won't be around to give you hassle if it turns out awful.
That's all I've got on my list for now. I wish I had more, but I don't. I've done my homework, napped, cleaned, and done all the laundry I can handle. Like I said, I have no motivation today, so I don't particularly feel like going out, but we'll see. I've got another 7 hours before I plan on going to bed. Wish me luck!

Oh, one last thing! Baby is doing good. I'm loving having a doppler so I can hear the heart beat every day. It's really comforting. My belly is growing, but I'm still not gaining any weight (I'm thankful, not complaining!). I wanna be a hot mama! I'm starting to feel a lot more pregnant now. I'm not really sick, but it definitely comes and goes. Yesterday, and Friday, I had a bit of a hormonal breakdown. Friday was worse. I walked into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and started bawling. Why? I have no idea. Oh well, that's part of the joy in creating life! My belly is growing, the picture is from last week. My back is starting to hurt, not from the baby though. I just can't crack it like I used to so I've got some pinching. The doctor said it's normal and that massage (YES!) and physical therapy might help. We'll see! Only 5 weeks and 3 days until I find out the sex! I'm so excited!
God Bless ♥ Vi.

Friday, February 10, 2012

A "Fun" Marriage

"Why do relationships always start off so fun and then turn into suck-a-bag-of-dicks?"
                                      -Friends With Benefits

Okay, so I'm a sucker for that movie, but Justin Timberlake does make a point. Why does it always seem like marriage sucks the fun out of love, don't deny that you've heard the expression... Everyone joked with me before I got married about how I need to prepare for no more fun with Hubby, just housework... We've all heard "the old ball and chain" references. My question is why? Seriously. If anyone has the answer, please please please  comment and enlighten us all. 

So far (I say that with caution, sorry honey), I've been really lucky in the whole "fun marriage" department. Hubby and I don't really fight, and when we do it's about stupid things that are easily solved. I've always said, never go to bed angry. Even if it means not sleeping for a night or two, fix the problem before it gets worse, or buried in that secret vault of grudges that you keep (again, not one of you can say that you don't have at least one card to play when you're trying to gain leverage over your SO... "Yeah? Well remember that time you (insert stupid error)... You owe me now.") Don't do that! 

I know that I say this time and time again, but it's seriously something to live by. Being in a military lifestyle, I've learned that time is of the essence. There's not enough time in a day to sit and grovel in your significant other's mistakes. Get over it. Love again. 

People continuously warned me... Husbands aren't the same after the wedding. Say goodbye to the daily 'I love you's and the kisses goodnight/good morning/goodbye/etc. Say goodbye to the cuddling, long walks on the beach, romantic evenings... Sober evenings, fartless nights, burpless meals, and (how shall I word this politely...) a day without public genitalia-adjustment... Everyone says that our men basically turn into mannerless pigs with no sense of self-respect or pride. I know that some guys read this page, so let me address you for a minute. If you are the guy I just described, consider surprising your lady with some flowers or a nice night out. Actually kiss her or pick her up and carry her away when you come home from work. Do the dishes, or laundry! Even going to the bathroom to adjust yourself when you're at Walmart with her... Believe me, she'll appreciate it. Greatly. She still loves you, but she'd like to see the Prince Charming that she married once in a while. Be the man she fell in love with. 

Well, what about the rumors about us, the wives? We fart, burp, explosively poop with the door open, don't cook, don't put on makeup (or a bra for that matter)... We shrink his favorite clothes in the dryer, complain about stupid things, and oh yes... Let's not forget that we don't put out. Right?  Now I must say, I'm not entirely innocent in this. To be completely honest, I'm writing this in my bath robe with no makeup, or bra, on... Granted, my husband isn't home but I don't exactly plan on changing before he gets here. It's Friday: I don't have to go anywhere, so I'm going to be lazy. Ladies, let's remember the time when we cared about impressing our men. Just because they married us doesn't mean they don't care about what we look like anymore. I'd like to hope that many of your husbands are like mine and say that you look good in anything. They say that, but they still want to see us put some effort in from time to time. Let's make them remember why they married us. 

Another thing that I've found to be extremely important in my marriage is doing crazy stuff. I see it all the time, couples falling into the routine of doing the same thing every night. I know that having children makes it harder to get out, but God invented babysitters for a reason. I'm not saying that you need to go skydiving or snorkeling in Australia... Just go out on a date or something. Go out to dinner, at a place you haven't been to before. Or take a drive to a scenic place and watch the sunset. Last weekend, Hubby and I got our tax return. What did we do? We, well... he, went and got a tattoo at 10:30 at night just because he wanted it. I would have but the whole pregnancy thing kind of put a damper on my fun (Don't get pissy with me. That was sarcasm. I don't mind missing out). Have fun together, "like you used to..." 

Marriage doesn't have to be all "suck-a-bag-of-dicks" like it's portrayed. My biggest pet peeve is when people tell me that our marriage is going to fail because we're young. Umm, who are you and when did you become part of my marriage?! Every marriage is different. Don't try to fit in the societal mold. It's not worth it. Be the couple you are. 

I just read an article talking about what people think "I love you" means. Here is what they came up with:
31% - I want you in my life. 
30% - I care about you. 
19% - I want to have a committed relationship with you. 
14% - I want to spend the rest of my life with you. 
I don't really have a point to make with that, I just found it sort of interesting. How do you define "I love you?" 

Valentine's Day is coming! I know that a lot of people don't "buy into the Hallmark holiday," but it's always rough being the girl who doesn't get anything from her significant other. I'm going to go on a limb and say that it's almost worse than being the single one. Guys, get your lady something nice. Ladies, do the same. It's not a one way holiday. 

Lesson of the day: Keep your relationship fun.

God Bless ♥ Vi. 

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Baby Update

I had a doctor's appointment today and everything is going well. I got to meet another one of my doctors. She's really nice. The baby seems to be doing well. The heart rate was in the 150s. It's so fun to hear the heart beating. I love it. I'm starting to feel the baby move from time to time. That's even more fun that hearing him or her. My next appointment is in 4 weeks, and we're supposed to find out the gender on March 21st. I can't wait for that day. I'm counting down already.
I'm still feeling sick, and rather hormonal. It's nothing I can't handle yet. My headaches are pretty bad, but again, tolerable. I'm looking forward to the weekend and getting to relax. Hubby has staff duty on Sunday so I'll actually get a lot of my homework and reading done (hopefully).
Hubby and I worked out today. It was nice to get back in the gym. I'm somewhat limited as to what I can do, but I'm enjoying the workout. Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I'm going to accept the jiggle. I want to be toned and fit through my pregnancy. It's crazy to think that I'm already over a third of the way through. Everyone told me it was going to go fast, I'm starting to believe it.
Overall, everything is great. We're doing well. The weather is great. Life is good.
God Bless ♥ Vi.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

One thing that I love about the Army is how family oriented a lot of the soldiers are. Tonight, one of my husband's coworkers is having a Super Bowl party for what sounds like nearly the whole platoon. It's really cool for me to experience things like this. I've never really held a job in the "real world," but from what I've heard from others, it's not always like this. I love how involved the soldiers let their families be.
Other than the party tonight, I've got some homework to finish up on today and some cleaning to do. I'm extremely exhausted right now, so I see a nap in my near future. School is really starting to take a tole on me. I didn't think that two extra credits would make that much of a difference... I was wrong. I don't know why, but 17 credits is much much more than 15. I know it's partially due to the classes that I'm taking. I don't really have any "elective" courses. I've got two History classes that are heavy in reading, a Biology class and lab, College Algebra, and Economics, and Global Citizens. It's a lot more than I was expecting, but (hopefully) nothing that I can't handle.
Pregnancy update: Mia won't leave my belly alone! I know that she can hear the heartbeat at this point because if I'm sitting, or laying, or peeing for that matter..., she's got her face on my stomach. It's really cute, but sometimes it's kind of irritating. I can't do anything without her now. If I close the bathroom door, she cries and barks. If I go outside without her, she freaks out. She's always been a somewhat clingy dog, but this brings it to a whole new level. She's not being mean or anything. She's just extremely attached. I have an appointment on Wednesday. I'm hoping to get a good ultrasound. I know that we won't find out the sex yet, but I'm hoping that they'll give us a better idea of when we will. I'm so excited. I know this is a short update, but that's all for now. I've got to go write my paper now. God Bless ♥ Vi

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Features on This Blog

There are a lot of features I've added to this blog to make life easier for those of you who follow. I'm going to highlight a few of them, but feel free to explore!

Okay, the image above is what most of you should see when you're on this page. The "Follow" link adds this blog to your subscriptions. All that means is that when you sign into Blogger, my newest posts will show up on your home page. The "Share" link allows you to post this blog to Facebook or Twitter. The search bar searches everything I've posted on here. If you type in "baby" it will bring up all the posts that have the word "baby" in them. This feature is also available on the right side of the screen. It looks like this: 
I like how this search bar works a little better. It brings up all the results in a separate box, along with filtering them onto the blog. I recommend this one more than the one at the top of the page. 

This is the page bar. Although I don't need to explain, I feel that it gets overlooked. The "Main" link brings you to all my posts. The "New to this Life?" link (it's new!) is a list of all the important things that people new to the military lifestyle should know, according to me anyway. "The Love Story" link is the story of how my husband and I met. It's published in a book called Military Love. I posted it on here for those of you who don't know me personally, or do but don't know our story.

The blog archive is a running tally of everything I've posted. If you want to go back to the beginning, click on 2011, then May, then my first post. You can look through all the titles and find one that you feel like you need to read for the day. It's pretty handy!

There are lots of other features on here, but these are the ones that I feel are the most important. I hope everyone is having a great week! I'm off to class, then home to my husband (finally!). I can't wait to see him.
God Bless ♥ Vi

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

One of "Those" Weeks

Have you ever had one of those weeks, when it seems everything that could go wrong, does? That's this week for me. Nothing terrible has really happened; I'm just extremely unmotivated to do anything. Sunday Hubby left for the field, so I've been lonely. I watched Dolphin Tale with Mia and bawled through the whole thing because the beginning of the movie is a going away party for a soldier. Go figure... Then, I got to drive out to bring Hubby his phone charger and some other guys some things they'd forgotten. It was nice to see him again, even though he had only been gone a few hours. Anyway, the whole reason I ran out there was so he would be able to charge his phone and talk to me this week. Have I heard anything from him? Nope. Has anyone heard anything from their husbands? Nope. None of the wives I've talked to have talked to their husbands since Sunday which is odd. Usually, at least one of my close friends has heard form her husband, if not more than one. I'm not worried about anything, just sort of confused.
On another note, school has been pretty crazy. From my understanding, my math class only had assignments due on Friday at 5pm. WRONG! Apparently an entire unit (2 assignments of 20-30 questions and 2 tests) was due yesterday. Yesterday was Tuesday, not Friday. Did I do the unit? Nope. Thank goodness, my professor is an understanding person and allowed an extension. I cranked that unit out in about an hour this morning. I also had a few other assignments coming up that I didn't know about.
Needless to say, this morning has been pretty productive. Even though I didn't really need to get up early, I was  wide awake at 6:30. I never wake up that early, ever. So I have a bad feeling about how I'm going feel around 2:00 when I head into class. I do have quite the headache today. My hormones are starting to level out a little bit, but I'm still kind of moody. I wanted to kill the computer, well... the math program, every time it told me my answer was wrong because I wasn't simplifying it enough. It did live through the morning though. It was my goal to have all of my homework for the week done before Hubby gets home (probably tomorrow afternoon), but I'm not quite sure that it's going to happen. I'm going to work my butt off tonight. I wouldn't care about doing it all on Friday, but there's a chance that he'll have the day off and I would rather spend it with him, not my computer.
I'm feeling pretty good, pregnancy wise. One of my friends let me use her doppler yesterday so I could hear the baby's heartbeat. It was really cool. In fact, I liked it so much that I went online and ordered one. It should be here sometime early next week. If it works like it should, I'll post a recording so you all can hear it. I have my next appointment a week from today, so hopefully I'll have more little pictures to post. I can't wait to see our little one again!
Oh, and it's the 1st of the month! My fitness resolution has been kind of slow this week. As I said before, I don't have much motivation... I have added a few new dishes to the menu, but I still need to learn more about cooking. It's a slow process, but I'm making progress! Finally, Dean's List. I've got all A's so far, but that's not saying much. It's only the 3rd week of the semester, so I have a long way to go. How are everyone else's New Year's Resolutions coming along? Remember, it's never too late to start change!
God Bless ♥ Vi