Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Pregnancy Must-Haves

What were the most important things I needed during pregnancy? Here's my top 10 (no particular order)! 
  1. Boppy Body PillowThis thing is amazing. I thought a normal body pillow would do it, but I love this thing. It seriously made sleeping a million times easier. I had a pinched nerve in my back so laying on my side hurt like crazy. I would lay with the thick side under my head, and wrap the thinner, longer side around in between my legs. It helped more than you could imagine. Even though it's around $40, it's worth it. 
  2. Netflix: For the days I couldn't sleep, or didn't feel like going out, Netflix was wonderful. I loved watching all sorts of TV series... Brothers & Sisters, Army Wives, Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Make It or Break It was my favorite. The best part? You can pause for pee-breaks. 
  3. Zantac 150: Heartburn was my worst enemy, and I wasn't one of the lucky ones whose heartburn went away after the first trimester. The whole 39 weeks, I couldn't eat tomatoes or chocolate without taking Zantac 150 twice a day. 
  4. Lemon Pudding Cups: This was my worst craving. I didn't go more than three or four days without eating it. It was nice and convenient in the cups. I never actually made a package of lemon pudding though. 
  5. Benadryl: This is safe to take if you need a little help sleeping. I didn't take it all the time, but I did sometimes. There were a few times that I had a cold and couldn't take NyQuil because of the alcohol in it, but Benadryl and Claritin worked just as well. 
  6. Soffe Shorts: Towards the end, these were pretty much all I wore. I was 9 months pregnant in the awful Georgia 100+ heat, so pants were not an option. Maternity shorts, while they are comfortable, are not cheap, and not always cute. I rocked Soffe shorts and tank tops until I popped. 
  7. Herbal Essences Drama Clean Shampoo and Conditioner: This stuff is pretty much the only thing that 1.) got the grease out of my hair and 2.) didn't make my hair greasy an hour after the shower. I had horribly greasy hair all through pregnancy. It was awful, until I started using this stuff. It really does wash out clean. 
  8. Carnation Instant Breakfast: I hate milk. This stuff was the only way that I could get the milk I need to grow a strong and healthy baby. I would drink one almost every morning. I don't like chocolate milk either, but the vanilla ones are definitely good. I always wanted to try the strawberry ones, but nowhere around here sold them. 
  9. Foot Spa: I couldn't find a picture of the exact one that I have, but this is similar. My feet started hurting at about 4 months, but this helped. They never swelled either, and I think it's because I did foot soaks every few days. I would make my hubby give me foot massages and pedicures too. 
  10. Palmer's Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks: This helped me make it to 36 weeks without stretch marks. I started applying it at least once a day, but usually two or three times a day, at around 4 weeks. It helped with the itching too. I've heard that vitamin E oil works as well, but I never tried it. 
Coming Soon: Things Not to Waste Your Money on During Pregnancy. 

God Bless ♥ Vi