Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Let Kids be Kids

One of the photography pages that I "like" on Facebook does weekly challenges, this week's being "Dirty." Since we've had nothing but rain for the last, forever... in Georgia, there are a ton of puddles and mud holes in our neighborhood. I decided that there was no better way to portray "dirty" than letting Miss A be a kid, in the mud.

I don't know who had more fun when we were playing. I could not stop laughing at her, and she was having the time of her life. Sometimes, it's completely necessary to let kids get nasty dirty and let them trash their clothes. 

I hope these photos make you smile as much as they do to me. 

God Bless ♥ V

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Baby, I'm Amazed by You

My little girl never ceases to amaze me. She is growing up so fast, I can't believe my eyes. She's just such an amazing little girl. A few days ago, a photographer group that I'm in had a challenge, take a photo that portrays "usual." Of course, Adalin was going to be my subject. Here's what I get from her:

She's just so silly. The first photo, I told her to "go upside-down..." so she did. The second, we were playing outside and I threw her ball. This is her thinking face. I tell you, I get more laughs out of watching her... 

Miss A is growing so fast. When our neighbors moved, they left her a slide (that she's obsessed with climbing up instead of sliding down). She loves the thing. 

Moments after I took that picture, she stood up and somersaulted head over heals on the grass... It's official that a heart attack is going to be my cause of death. She is so brave though, seriously. This girl has no fear. 

Today, we went to PetSmart for Mr. Gunner's orientation class. I think that it was productive, but poor Miss A had a crazy allergy attach after petting a long-haired dog. She's never really been around them before, but she definitely had a reaction to something. Before she started sneezing like crazy, we got to see some birds and fish. She was absolutely amazed. 

That's her newest thing: two handed pointing when she's excited. She also does a little happy dance, stomping her feet really fast in place. She just cracks me up.

Anyway, I'll stop bragging for today. I'm just so proud of my little girl. She's perfect. 

God Bless ♥ V

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm back!

We're back from block leave! It was an amazing few weeks, but boy oh boy... I'm so glad to be home. It's a bitter sweet thing, being away from home. We had a blast at home, seeing all of our friends and family, but I missed my house, my bed, my vacuum... I missed Georgia. My Georgia "family" seemed so distant while we were gone... I didn't like it. I'm so happy to be back home and to be starting a somewhat normal routine again. I still don't think "normal" will come for quite a while, but I'm willing to be patient. We're still reintegrating, but we're making great progress.

On another note, Miss A is growing WAY too fast. Here are some of her one year photos:

Victoria Simmons Photography
She is so independent now. She's all over the place, running, laughing, talking up a storm... Her new favorite thing is "What's that?" all the time. We've cycled out all of her 'baby' toys and replaced them with more toddler toys. We got her a playhouse with her birthday money (that's supposed to be here by the end of the week!). Our neighbors moved while were on leave, and left us a slide for her. I was planning on buying that, but now we don't have to. I'm sad we didn't get to say goodbye, but hopefully we'll run into them again someday (maybe they're still in the area). She loves all her new toys. Her latest obsession is blueberries. She wants them, all the time.

Well, I'm off for the afternoon. We're going to the shooting range with some friends. Should be pretty interesting! Have a great Tuesday!

God Bless ♥ V