Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Year End Review

Wow, 2013 has been one heck of a year. I can't believe how much has happened, and how quickly it has all flown by.

My husband came home on emergency leave from Afghanistan for two weeks while our daughter had a major lung surgery. She also turned six months old. We made our first trip to Jacksonville Florida and Miss A went to the zoo for the first time.

Jimmy returned to finish his deployment. A whopping three days later, Miss A started crawling! Having a mobile baby changed my life for sure. No more setting her down and actually finding her in the same place. I loved watching her explore new places for the first time, and listening to her small giggles when she hid from me. 

Miss A went to the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. We had some friends down from Michigan and did lots of sight seeing in Savannah. She'd been to the Gulf when she was only a few days old, but hadn't been to the Atlantic until this trip. I'm sad it was too cold for her to actually go in the ocean, but we still had fun. 

My husband's family came down for Spring break and we went to Jacksonville Beach for the first time. It was a lot of fun, despite the long drive. I haven't been back since, but maybe we'll make that a once-a-year trip with them. I also got my first prime lens for my camera, which completely changed the game for me. This is when I decided I was going to get serious about photography.

My mommy came down to visit and watch Adalin while I shot my first labor and delivery for one of my best friends. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I've only ever seen two babies be born, mine and hers. Miss A also started using her pool in the front yard and became quite a little fish. I also got to welcome home more soldiers in one month than I ever had before. So many homecomings, it was amazing.

One of the best months of my life. Miss A started walking, my husband came home from Afghanistan. She walked to her daddy for the first time. Our family was reunited again. I can't believe that was almost six months ago now. 

Jimmy and I celebrated our second anniversary. We went home on block leave (for four whole weeks!), and were able to spend lots of times with friends and family. Jimmy turned twenty-one, and Miss A celebrated her first birthday. July was jam-packed with celebrating Hubby's safe return, birthday, and Miss A's first year of life. We also got a great dane puppy, Gunner.

I celebrated my twentieth birthday. We returned to Georgia from block leave, and Hubby's schedule slowly returned to normal.  We made the adjustment to having two dogs in our house, as well as trying to figure out how our new schedule would work with Miss A having both of her parents back in the same timezone. We got our first set of family photos done since Jimmy came home by Carmen Garza Strong Photography at Driftwood Beach. They turned out amazing. 

I returned to Michigan with Miss A to be a part of one of my best friend's wedding. Miss A had her first plane ride, which went better than I had expected. I also got my Ergobaby Carrier (that I still love and try to use almost every day). This was only the second wedding I'd ever been a part of (including mine!)

We kicked Halloween's behind. Since Jimmy wasn't here for Miss A's first Halloween, I decided to go all out this year. I made our costumes by hand, and they were a huge hit. We set the bar pretty high, so I'm excited to see what we'll come up with for next year. 

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a family. Dinner turned out great. It was nice celebrating with just the three of us, even though we missed our Michigan family dearly. I also had a record number of photo shoots in one month, over 25 of them. I hope that this kind of productivity is a trend for next year. We also started cloth diapering Miss A. I wish we would have made that decision a lot sooner. 

I experienced my first close friend PCSing. It was harder than expected, but we're still in touch almost every single day. It hasn't been a month yet, but I'm hopeful that we won't ever lose touch. Our friendship is one that I'd love to keep strong for the rest of my life. Miss A had been fighting ear infections since May, so we opted to have ear tubes put in. So far, we've noticed her speech has improved, she can understand us better, and she seems like a happier child overall. It also made traveling easier too. We traveled back to Michigan to celebrate Christmas with family. It has been a great visit so far. Though we haven't got to see everyone as much as we would have liked, we're definitely enjoying our visit. Another big exciting thing that happened, I got my camera upgrade. Between saving for six months, and using all but $12 of my Christmas money, I was able to upgrade to the Canon 6D. I'm already completely impressed. I can't wait to get even more used to it. 

Overall, it's been an amazing year. Even though my husband spent half of it in a war zone thousands of miles from home, we've grown closer than ever and are enjoying every minute of life. I'm so excited to see what next year will bring for us. 

Happy new year and God Bless ♥ Victoria

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

'Tis the Season

Our visit to Michigan has been going great so far. We arrived just in time before a really nasty ice storm hit our area. If we would have left even 5 hours later, we would have ran into some major issues on the roads.

Poor Mister Gunner's feet are completely chapped from the cold and dry Michigan air. The ice isn't helping him either. Every time he comes inside, his feet are bleeding. I feel seven kinds of bad for him, but I think frequent applications of Bag Balm are helping. Miss Mia seems to like the snow fine. This isn't her first rodeo with the cold though. They're both getting along with my parents' dogs well too. Four dogs is still a lot for one house, but we're making it work. 

Miss A is loving all the attention she's getting. We had two family Christmases today and it's completely safe to say that she's spoiled rotten. She got lots of Little People toys to go with the farm she got for her birthday, tons of books, another toy phone that's a complete hit, a glow baby, and some art toys (markers and a cool "my first Crayola" thing that is mess free). She's so loved, it makes me feel extremely blessed. 

Last night, Jimmy and I had our first date night since Miss A was born. We had intentions of going to the movies, then dinner, then staying at a hotel (my first time away from Miss A overnight). Well, the theater we planned on going to didn't have power from the ice storm, so we drove to the other side of town. We found a theater that was open but the movie we wanted to see didn't play for another hour, so we ended up seeing Catching Fire. It was really good, but I hate cliff hanger endings. We then went to Max & Erma's for desert. While Jimmy had a few drinks, I tried to make a hotel reservation for us... no luck. Out of the ten hotels I checked, four were out of power, and the others had no open rooms. We ended up wandering around Kohl's for an hour and coming home. We still had a great time, but I'm sad I didn't get to muster up the courage to stay away from Miss A for the night. 

Overall, our visit has been fantastic so far. I'm excited for tomorrow. We will have 2-3 family Christmases with lots of great food and amazing company. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season as much as we are.

God Bless ♥ V

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Baby Fever

Tonight, while browsing Pinterest as I'm waiting for my diaper laundry to finish up... I saw this:

Three words: Instant. Baby. Fever. 

Holy crap. I want pictures like this of Adalin and a baby. Does anyone have one I can borrow for an hour or two? Seriously. Baby #2 will not be in the works for a good while, but I want this. I have to constantly remind myself that the fact that I want photos of Adalin with her future someday sibling, does not trump our life plan. We're not wanting another baby yet. As much as I'd love for Miss A to be a big sister, that's not what we have planned. I know that plans go out the window all the time, but this is one plan that I'd really like to stick with. 

I'm excited to have two babies. I want to teach Adalin to love her brother or sister as much as we will. I want to teach her how to care, and be gentle with a little human. I want her to teach him/her about life. I'm excited for those things. 

Those things still don't quite outweigh that I don't want two babies in diapers. Those things don't outweigh that our house is just not big enough for another baby. They don't outweigh that I don't want two babies who can't get snacks on their own, or tell me what they want. We're just not quite to the point of being ready yet. 

But then, I see another photo like this: 

Then I think, maybe we are. But no. Not yet. My camera is, but I'm not. I love being able to completely focus on Miss A. She's the center of our life right now, and I'm not ready to make her share. 

In time, we'll be ready. I'm excited for that day to come, but right now I'm enjoying every moment of having only one baby. ♥ 

God Bless ♥ V

Monday, December 16, 2013

Saying Yes

We get in the habit of always saying, "no," "not now," and "maybe later" to a lot of things in life. Lately, I've been trying desperately to remove the n-word from my vocabulary. Obviously certain things still require a no, but when there's the chance to say yes, I'm doing my best to take it.

I'm trying to make the most of my last few weeks before starting school again. Instead of not letting Adalin do whatever she wants, I've been trying to encourage her to explore, learn, and grow. Today, for example, she climbed up into my desk chair and started beating on the computer. Rather than yell at her and make her get down, I wheeled her into the living room and spun her around until she got a big belly laugh going. Later, she climbed on top of the dining room table. Though that's normally a huge no-no, I let her get the pretzels she wanted and helped her down safely. I let her stay up until she told me she wanted to go to bed even though it was 15 minutes later than we usually like. If it means she's happy and gets to spend extra time with us, why not?

Saying "yes" can bring lots of different opportunities to you. Today, while shooting a homecoming, I saw a family taking photos with their smartphones and offered to take a few shots and send them to the family at no charge. Now they're contacting me about booking family photos in the spring. I love gaining new clients, especially from homecomings. I just love homecomings.

I'm off for the night. It's been a long day and I still have lots to do! I challenge all of you to try to say "yes" tomorrow. Give it a little thought, you never know what kind of opportunity might pop up.

God Bless ♥ V

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Knowledge after Two Weeks in Cloth

This post is a few days late, but here's the two week update on our cloth diapering journey.

As of Friday evening, Miss A has been exclusively in cloth for two full weeks. So far I've learned a ton, but there's still so much I don't know. Here's some general info:

Our Stash
Our stash consists of 12 FuzzinBunz One Size Elite Pockets, 2 BumGenius 4.0s, 3 BumGenius Freetimes, 1 BumGenius Elemental AIO, and 6 BottomBumpers sized AIOs. We also have a Charlie Banana Pocket that we have as back up, but I don't like it as much as the others. 

bottombumpers sized AIO
When we Use What we Use
We use the BG 4.0s at night, or a FuzziBunz if we used the BGs during the day. We always use two inserts at night, and have only had a couple minor leaks. I love the BG Freetimes. They dry much faster than the Elemental, and are soft on her bum. It's a close call between the Freetimes and the BottomBumpers for my favorites. The BottomBumpers fit slimmer than than the BGs so I like them better under jeans, or when I don't want her butt to be ginormous. The BGs seem to be a bit more absorbent though. You win some, you loose some. As long as we change her regularly, we don't have leakage issues. If she fell asleep in the car, and I don't want to wake her before putting her in the crib, sometimes she'll leak. If she drinks a ton before she naps, she might leak... but we really haven't had many issues at all. 

Storage and Changing Routine
We store our diapers already assembled. After they're washed, I put all the inserts back in, and store them folded in a tub in her room. When it's time to change her, they're ready to go. We use OsoCozy flushable liners most of the time to guard the diapers from poop. Sometimes I'm lazy and forget, but it's not difficult to get her poo off the diapers if we don't use them. I lay the liner inside the diaper and put it on like a disposable. If the previous diaper is just wet, I take out the insert and put both parts in the wet bag in her room. If it's soiled, I still take out the insert (if it's a pocket) before heading to the bathroom. I shake off what I can and then dunk the poopy part of the diaper in the water for a flush. Sometimes you have to swish and scrub a little to get it all, but we have only had one diaper that I felt the need to hose off (literally, out in the front yard... like I was washing a car). I opted to not buy a diaper sprayer because we started so late in the game. I may buy one for the next baby because baby poo is much different than toddler poo. Once I get the majority of the poo off, I throw it in the wet bag. It's easy peasy. 

BumGenius Freetime AIO
Wash Routine
I have been doing laundry every night, but since I just added five more diapers to our stash this weekend, I may attempt to hold of and wash every other night. Typically, I start a load when Miss A goes to bed around 8:00pm. All the diapers are separated (pockets pulled out, inserts unsnapped, etc) when they go in the wet bag, so I don't have to do anything except dump them in the washer. I do a cold rinse with no soap, a hot/cold wash with Rockin Green Hard Rock, and then a second cold rinse. The biggest problem I have is forgetting to start the wash cycle. Sometimes an hour or two will go by before I realize that I didn't do it. Then I get to stay up extra late to wait for them to be done. Depending on how long it takes me to start it, I either hang dry the covers and put the inserts in the dryer, or put everything in the dryer on low heat. The AIOs take a really long time to hang dry, so if I'm not really on it with starting the wash cycle, they aren't completely dry by morning. I wash the wet bag every other day, unless there's something really nasty in there. The wet bag that goes in the diaper bag gets washed every 2-3 times we use it (again, unless something really nasty goes in there), which averages out to 1-2 times per week. 

So far, we're still loving it. If I can get a little better with remembering to start my wash cycle, we will have no kinks in the system. I'm nervous to put her back in disposables for our trip to and from Michigan. She might end up staying in cloth on the way up since we aren't planning on stopping, but I believe she'll be back in Pampers for a few days on our way home. We'll see... maybe I'll surprise myself and stick with it both ways. I'll keep you all updated. I do have a Pinterest Board dedicated to cloth as well. If you have other questions about my experience, please post them in the comments! I'd love to help others who are starting out with cloth, especially those who switched later in their baby's life. 

God Bless ♥ V

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Surgery Number Two

Adalin's surgery went great today. We were at the doctors for less than an hour, including waiting in the lobby, prep, surgery, and aftercare. The doctor did a great job easing all of our fears. Here's how everything went down.

We left home at 5:50am to give us time to stop for an energy drink for hubs, and a water for me. After traveling through post during PT traffic, we still arrived up in Statesboro about 30 minutes early. We drove around for a little bit to explore town a little more. Once we killed a little time, we headed to Dr. Crews' office.

We waited in the waiting room for 10 or 15 minutes, but we really were pretty early... Adalin loves the fish tank they have there. I think we know what she's getting for her next birthday.

The allowed us to come in with her until after the anesthesia knocked her out. That was a weird experience. I felt good knowing that I was the last thing she saw before she knocked out, but it was somewhat terrifying watching my baby girl drift off into space. I freaked out a little when she let go of my hand and started wheezing, but the doctor and anesthesiologist quickly assured me that it's completely normal. In fact, those sounds are expected. 

We walked out and talked with a nurse for a minute or two, Jimmy and I both peed, and then sat in the waiting room for no more than two minutes. The doctor walked out and said she was done and we could come see her. I walked in to Miss A peacefully knocked out in a nurses arms, not yet awake from the anesthesia. I was able to hold her immediately, until she woke up. Then she wanted daddy. She was only under for a total of about 10 minutes, start to finish. We were able to leave the doctors office less than 20 minutes after she was out of surgery.

She cried for a good bit of the ride home, more because she was still groggy from the medicine. Once she was asleep, she was out. She woke up when we got home, ate some lunch, and hung out with me for a few hours. Jimmy had to return to work, which I was sad about... but that's part of this life. She then knocked out for a four hour nap. That never happens. I know the medicine was still wearing off, and that she was exhausted. Once she woke up, she was much more herself. 

Jimmy got home about an hour and a half after she woke up. By then, she was almost completely her normal self. She went to sleep tonight without a fight, which is normal. Bathtime didn't seem to bother her ears at all. She's such a trooper. 

I'm relieved that everything went smoothly. We have a check up in a little over three weeks to make sure everything heals properly. I'm already feeling confident that this was the right choice for her. 

Thank you for all the prayers and love surrounding our little girl. We're lucky to have so many people who care for us. 

God Bless ♥ V

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Twelve Hours

In twelve short hours, Miss A will be going in for her second surgery, under the age of two. I'm feeling so many conflicted emotions right now. Tonight, I'm having flashbacks from the night before her other surgery. I was so scared for my precious little baby. I'm not feeling the same as I did for that surgery, since I know it's far less invasive and she'll only be under for a matter of minutes, rather than hours. I feel extremely confident in the doctor's skills, as I did for her last surgery. Trusting someone with the future of your child is never easy, but it's something we have to do.

Tonight I'm feeling both anxiety and relief. I'm anxious to have her go under anesthesia again. I'm anxious about the after care of ear tubes. I'm anxious about not being able to give her a sippy of milk on the drive to the doctor tomorrow morning. I'm feeling seven kinds of relief knowing that if all goes as planned, my sweet babe will have far less ear troubles after tomorrow. I'm feeling relief knowing that these ear tubes will also make traveling through the mountains and flying easier on her.

I'm ready to have it done with. I'm sure I won't be sleeping much tonight, but a girl can hope. I'll keep everyone posted. Prayers and positive wishes are always appreciated. Thank you for all your support.

God Bless ♥ V

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm Impressed

Adalin seems to be doing much better today. Her rash is almost completely cleared up. She's acting much more herself, but she still won't drink milk. Other than that, she's pretty much back to normal.

Today Adalin visited Dr. Crews at the Statesboro ENT clinic. I was extremely impressed. The only complaint I have was that we waited about 10 minutes past her appointment time to be seen, but that's far better than the 30 or 40 that I'm used to at Winn's ENT.

Dr. Crews was great. I've never been able to get Adalin to be comfortable around a doctor, especially one who is messing with her ears. He gave her a sucker when he walked in, and was able to look in her ears without any issues whatsoever. I was shocked! She's never been that calm around a doctor.

He agreed that tubes would be the best treatment for Miss A right now, and we're scheduled to go in bright and early Thursday morning. I'm excited that we're doing the surgery here, rather than at Winn. We'll be with her until after she's under, and the surgery will only take 4-10 minutes, rather than 15-20 like at Winn. Winn wasn't going to let us be with her when she went under, or when she woke up. At Dr. Crews, we'll be with her for both. His practice is much more personable than any other office we've been too.

I'm so glad that we found him. Hopefully I'll have even more good things to say after the procedure. I'm still anxious, since surgery is surgery... but I feel confident in Dr. Crews's skill set. He is a pediatric ENT, so he knows how to work well with children.

I'm off for the night! I'm exhausted from a rather long day.

God Bless ♥ V

Sunday, December 08, 2013

What a Week

My daughter is such a trooper. Her strength completely amazes me. Especially with what has gone on this week, I am so proud of my little girl. Here's a recap of the past few days:

Thursday: She woke up with a fever of around 100°F but Tylenol seemed to help. She was rather grouchy all day. She slept quite a bit, and got a fever again shortly before bed time. She fell asleep in the middle of the floor for the second time, which rarely ever happens. I figured something was going on. She knocked out okay after we monitored her fever for an hour and got it down to 99°F.

Friday: Around 2:30 in the morning, she woke up with the worst fever she's ever had. The thermometer wouldn't even read it for a few tries. Eventually we got a reading of 104°F and took her to the emergency room. They diagnosed her with yet another ear infection, gave her antibiotics, and sent us home with an appointment at pediatrics later that day. Later in peds, they confirmed that she had an ear infection, had me fill the prescription for antibiotics, and urged us to go to ENT to try to move her tube surgery up to before Christmas leave. The ENT was no help. After a very long fight with them, a request to be transferred out through patient advocate, and several phone calls to different clinics, we were able to schedule her (hopefully) for surgery this coming Thursday.

Saturday: She still seemed exhausted. We attempted to go to Savannah to take pictures with Santa. That didn't happen. She does not like Santa. She slept the whole afternoon away... She had a slight rash on her hips and belly, but I assumed that it was from having such a high fever and my stupid move of putting her in flannel jammies. I didn't think any thing of it until....

Sunday: Her rash was getting worse. I let her run around in only her diaper all morning. She actually stayed up for two whole hours after she woke up, which hasn't happened in a few days. I figured that was a good sign. She still had no appetite (hasn't since this whole thing started), and didn't drink much... but at least she was awake. Then she woke up from her nap, and this is what we found:

We took her to urgent care and they determined that she is having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics she's on. He said there's a slim chance that it's Roseola, but he'd rather treat it as a reaction than that since there's no treatment for roseola. She's on steroids now, so hopefully tomorrow she'll be feeling better.

The poor kid is traumatized from all this medical attention lately. I swear she's had more doctor visits this month that most kids have in a year. She's definitely a trooper. We're going to the new ENT either tomorrow or Tuesday to see exactly what's going to happen with her ears. I appreciate all those who are praying for us so much. It truly means the world to our family. 

I'm exhausted for her. Mamma is off for the night. I'll keep everyone posted with what's to come this week.

God Bless ♥ V

Friday, December 06, 2013

Friday Update

It's been one week since we started cloth diapering. So far, I'm loving it. I've kept up with laundry, gained a little more confidence, and am completely satisfied with what it's done for Miss A. Her bottom looks a million times better than this time last week. She's diaper rash free. It makes me so happy. One thing that I've figured out that works nicely is this:

Rather than buying a drying rack and trying to find a place to put it, I came up with this system. I hang up the diapers to dry in Adalin's bathroom by using the clip coat hangers. I attach them to the corner of the diaper, with as little fabric as possible. It works great, and is a nice alternative to having to buy and store a drying rack in a house that just doesn't have room. 

On another note, Miss A woke us up at 2AM with a fever of 104+ degrees. We took her to the emergency room, and as suspected... another ear infection. My heart completely sank. They put her on yet another round of antibiotics and sent us to pediatrics later in the morning. Peds couldn't do anything for us to bump up her tubes surgery, so I went to ENT. After an hour of waiting, I was informed that they declined my request to be sent off post so we could get it done sooner. After filing a request with Patient Advocate, and an long afternoon, the commander of Winn ACH approved our request. We will be going off post to a pediatric ENT specialist about an hour away, and she will be having surgery next week as long as all goes as planned. She was originally scheduled for January 21st at Winn, so I'm thrilled to have it bumped up sooner. I'm ready to get my poor babe some relief. We won't find out what's going on for sure until Monday or Tuesday, but hopefully we'll get this all squared away before we go to MI for Christmas. 

I'm off to go process some photos now. I've got another busy weekend ahead of me. 

God Bless ♥ V

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Knocked Out

It's 7:00 in the evening, and everyone in the house except me is passed out. Jimmy has had a few long days at work, the dogs have played hard today, and Adalin is teething hard core. She never falls asleep anywhere except her crib, car seat, or extremely rarely in the carrier. However, the last two nights, this is what we've found around 6:30 each night:

Last night, she was in front of the front door. Tonight she's next to the couch. This is really weird for me. She's never been one to sleep just anywhere. Not since she was an infant. Wow! Just two seconds ago, as I've been writing this, she woke up crying, climbed up on the couch, and did this: 

She's never done this before. I feel so bad for my poor little teething girl. She cut the second top canine tooth this week, and the bottom ones are not far behind. She's had a fever all day and been quite a grouch. I'm glad she's giving me snuggles. 

I had a pretty great day today. I got all my errands ran this morning, and got to go shopping with a fellow photographer and friend of mine this afternoon. We went to Target to spend some gift cards we won in a giveaway. I got some shelves for my vintage camera collection. I'll be posting photos later this week, or over the weekend. They are perfect.

Well, I'm off to go do some more diaper laundry. A quick update on that: it's going great! Miss A's bottom is completely clear of diaper rash now. The only part I'm not super fond of is the extra loads of laundry. I don't mind doing them at all, I just don't like staying up late at night do to them. I started an hour earlier tonight, so I'll get to go to bed before 10:30. Woo! I feel old.

God Bless ♥ V

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

What Sucks About the Army

Today, I'm experiencing something new, but something that is very much a part of military life. One of my absolute closest friends is moving to Texas today. It's crazy for me to think that she won't be 12 houses down anymore. She won't be able to come over and teach me how to cook more new foods that won't kill my husband (thanks for chicken parm and salmon!). She won't be booking any more photo shoots for a good long time. And selfishly, she won't be able to watch Miss A for me anymore. Even though we haven't hung out nearly as much since deployment ended, she's still been one of my best friends for so long. Even though we've only known each other for a year and a half, I truly hope that we will remain this close once she leaves.

It's a funny thing, really, how friendships are different in the military world. Being 1,000 miles away from everything that you've known (or almost 3,000 in her case) makes you bond with people differently. Deployment makes you bond differently. Nobody who hasn't gone through a loved one's deployment can understand what it's like to be waiting and worried. People always say, "I can only imagine," and it's true... they can only imagine. I can't believe how quickly this lovely lady and I grew close.

I know that we'll see each other again. We'll make it happen. Whether it's for photos' sake, or just a friendly visit, I know that we'll be together again someday. I am excited for her family's new journey. Moving to a new state is always exciting and scary. I can't wait to see the life that they make for themselves there. I know that we'll talk, Skype, and Facebook, but it's just not the same as living 12 houses apart. I'm gonna miss you, woman.

I know I'll be feeling sulky tonight, so Hubby... be ready for chick flicks and cookie dough.

God Bless ♥ V

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Three Days in Cloth

We've made it through three full days in cloth diapers! I am beyond impressed. For those who are just now tuning in, we switched Adalin to cloth diapers because she's been fighting some wicked diaper rash for a while. Rather than trying yet another ointment or diaper rash cream, we switched her. Within 12 hours, the rash was already easing up. Three days later, I'm elated to say that it's almost completely gone. There are two small spots left that were the worst from the beginning.

I'm telling you, anyone who wants to do cloth can do it. I never thought I'd be as into cloth as I am, especially only being three days in, but I love it. The worst part for me is the laundry. I hate doing laundry, but it's really not too bad. My current wash routine starts when Adalin gets into the bath. I take the last diaper of the day, along with everything else she's worn from the day and stick it all in the washer. I do a cold rinse cycle, then hot wash with Rockin Green detergent, followed by another cold rinse (I just add the second rinse cycle on my washer). That part takes about two hours, depending on how quickly I realize the first rinse is done. Once they're done, I hang up the shells in the guest bathroom, and put the inserts in the dryer on low heat. The last two days, the dryer hasn't completely dried them, so I run it twice.

I store the diapers in her room, with inserts in place so I don't have to do anything extra when I'm changing her. I still love using the liners on her diapers. It makes it way easier to get the poo off.

I'm still pretty insecure in my skills. There are tons of acronyms that I don't understand. I'm constantly googling, and calling the friend who got me started on this to get advice. I know that the longer I do this, the more comfortable I'll get.

I encourage anyone who is interested in cloth diapering to research a little bit. I'm so glad I finally dove in. It's been far easier than I was expecting.

God Bless ♥ V