Monday, August 03, 2015

Two Weeks Postpartum

They say time flies with your first baby, and goes even faster with the second. That couldn't be more true for me. I can't believe that little man is already two weeks old. The last fourteen days have been a whirlwind, but I've enjoyed (almost) every minute of it.

Baby J: Born at 8lbs 4oz, he's now passed his birth weight! He weighed in at 8lbs 8.8oz at his two week check up today. He loves to sleep, all the time. He also likes to party at 2am. He's in 3 months clothing already, which makes me super sad. He still fits in our newborn cloth diapers, but the one size diapers are fitting as well now. He had his first bath at home yesterday and loved it. He was super alert and calm through the whole thing. He loves to cuddle (especially on mommy's chest) and doesn't care to be swaddled.

Milestones: I drove to post by myself with two kids for the first time today. Little man did well in the back seat without mom. I was an anxious wreck most of the trip, and missed my exit to go home, so ended up taking the long way around... but we all survived.

Miss A: Our sweet girl is adjusting to sisterhood well. I'm not sure if it's because I have less energy, or if she's actually amped up her personality, but she has been super hyper all the time the last week or so. She's bouncing and talking all the time. She loves to help with "her baby" and is always asking to hold him. She asks me daily if brother can sleep in her bed so they can cuddle. She is going through some attention withdraw the past few days, and has been acting out to get more. I know this phase will pass, but it's been a little exhausting.

Nursing: I'm so happy to say that little man has been exclusively breastfed so far. We haven't had to do bottles either, which feels amazing since I was exclusively pumping and bottle feeding at this point with Miss A. The fact that we've made it this far without supplementing makes me feel incredibly accomplished. I love knowing that my body is capable of nourishing our sweet boy and giving him everything he needs. Engorgement finally passed, but we're still dealing with some cracked nipple pain from bad latches at the beginning. we are definitely making progress now though.

Weight Loss: I'm down 27 pounds so far! I have about 5 pounds left to get to pre-(this) baby weight, and about 25 to get to my end goal. I weighed more than I would have liked to when I got pregnant, so I'm working to get back to my most healthy weight.

Feelings: Everyone has told me to not decide if you want more kids while you're pregnant, especially at the end of the pregnancy. Now that we're two weeks postpartum, I really don't know if we're done or not. My husband would likely still say yes, that two kids is enough. While most of the time I feel pretty done, but I have definitely had moments when I look at this sweet, squishy, cuddly little baby asleep on my chest, and want more... lots more. But then I think about everything else that comes with another child, and level my baby fever. I did have a dream that Jimmy got a vasectomy without talking to me about it first, and was livid when I woke up... but I know without a doubt that that would never happen. Overall, I'm feeling incredibly thankful and blessed in my life right now. I have so much to be grateful for at the young age of 22. Two beautiful children and a supportive, loving husband, what more could I ask for?

God Bless ♥︎ Victoria